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All NextLevel Leadership consulting, coaching and trainings are custom designed to meet the needs of the client and the current situation. Here are some of our current programs:

Executive Coaching, a program that creates breakthroughs in personal, business, leadership and team challenges, that opens up a new future possibility, and provides partnership and guidance.

Managing Others to Succeed, a course on the basics of leading mentoring, and managing. Includes training on communication, team-building, and creating an environment of responsibility and ownership.

Intervention and Mediation, a professional engagement to uncover and transform misunderstandings, internal competitions, struggles, conflicts, etc. Creates a space for truth-telling and win/win resolutions.

Difficult Communication Workshop, a workshop that presents the basic keys to delivering and receiving difficult communications. Especially useful for managers and leaders needing to give feedback that makes a difference for performance enhancement.

NextLevel Leadership Intensive, a course that provides individuals the opportunity to look into their own leadership style, its costs and benefits, and the keys to expanding beyond it. The course is deeply transformational and freeing. Designed for individuals responsible for the productivity and performance of others.

Effective Communication For Teams, a program that includes modules in communication, breakdowns, teamwork, transformation and integrity.

Next Level Leap, a training designed for a team that has been winning, to leap to the next level of competence and performance.

Executive Leadership Intensive, an intensive designed for high level executives for an investigation into the patterns and beliefs influencing leadership style, such that they can free themselves from the constraints and build on their strengths.

Distinctions of Committed Communication Course, a course focused on the power of listening and awareness. Provides tools and techniques and training exercises to help the individual be better understood and to better understand others. Improved communication opens up the possibility of deeper partnerships, greater productivity, and more satisfaction along with less frustration and wasted energy.

Cultural Audit, through a series of interviews, we paint a picture for you of your team or organization's health as a "Cultural Inventory" or "Cultural What Is So" report. From this information and the dialogue that it catalyzes, program emerges to provide what is missing for the leap to the next level of excellence.

Public Speaking and Keynote Addresses
Catherine gives Keynote addresses that are thought provoking and inspiring. She is available for public speaking at conferences, retreats and conventions.

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“Catherine has an incredibly effective and unique way of reaching people. I have never seen anyone work so powerfully with people. She has a unique ability to open BOTH peoples' minds and hearts leaving them able to perform with greater effectiveness and ease. In my 25 years of leading courses I have never seen anyone who could work with people as powerfully as she could. She is a gift.”

—Perch Ducote, President
"Power of Peace inc."